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About the film

"Sickle Cell Warrior" follows Don Vallien, a 43-year-old man who has sickle cell anemia. Throughout the film, he talks about what life has been like living with this disease and the impact he wants to make more people aware of sickle cell. Because of his disease, he must receive a kidney transplant. The film is sequenced leading up to the day of his kidney transplant and the days that follow.


The film was an official selection for the Hollywood South Urban Film Festival as "Best Documentary Short" in 2020. Other official selections include: the Louisiana International Film Festival (2019), Southern States Film Festival (2019), American Golden Picture International Film Festival (2020), The Scene Festival (2020), New York Movie Awards Monthly Festival (2020), New York Movie Awards (2020), CARE Awards (2020), Orlando International Film Festival (2020), Canadian Cinematography Awards (2020), and Scorpiusfest (2020).

Sickle Cell Warrior

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